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Traditional banks as we know them today started to dominate the financial services industry around the 14th century. It took some 700 years to disrupt old traditions and to bring true change to the industry. The Fintech Revolution has only started but even the old traditional banks have now realised (some a bit too late) that they can choose to get onboard or to meet the fate of the dinosaurs.  At Captela we live and breathe financial technology. We develop our own Fintech ideas from scratch in addition to acquiring early-stage concepts, morphing dreams into global success stories. We are patient, but not patient enough to wait until tomorrow for tomorrow’s technology and UX. Are you ready for tomorrow? Let’s go there today!

The Captela Team


From an idea to a sketch on a napkin to complete specs, workflows, coding, QA and launch!

We assess new concepts and their viability from a commercial as well as technical perspective.
We do not only write beautiful code but also build the best and latest in frontend design and UX.
Time to Market
We use AWS microservices with its unique modular architecture. Truly flexible and less time to launch.
Truly Global
AWS cloud technology allows us to offer unparalleled scalability and availability planetwide.

Don’t take our word for it

Anyone can claim to be innovative and different. It is relatively easy to build a great looking website and drop some nice words about the Fintech Revolution. What is not so easy is to build things that work and look great, things that back those nice words up. So, let’s take a look at a few real life Captela cases.

Go See!

Captela Stories

The most user-friendly banking software platform in the world was recently acquired and rebuilt by Captela. Imagine the outcome.

Screening customers for potential sanctions, AML/CFT and PEP problems is about to become a lot easier and more cost effective.

Let's go invent tomorrow instead of worrying about what happened yesterday

Steve Jobs

Why Captela?

Turn-Key Solutions
Market leading white label Fintech Solutions. Let us be your long term partner for continuous unparalleled future proofing.
340 Sunny Days
We work from Cyprus, a great place to visit and a vibrant Fintech paradise, home to thousands of FOREX brokers and other FI's.
We are not mere coding robots building things we do not understand. We live and breathe financial technology.
Always on, always available, everywhere! Everything we build is future proofed, scalable and lightning fast!

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The only constant in Fintech is change! Ready for it?